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Tai'an company team leader training officially started

On the afternoon of August 23, 2022, the team leader training of Shandong United Pesticide Industry Co., Ltd. officially started in the conference room on the first floor. Comrade Qi Laicheng, general secretary of the party branch and executive director, taught the first class to the team leaders. The company More than 50 team leaders came to the scene to participate.

At the opening ceremony, Qi Laicheng pointed out that the team is the cell of the enterprise, the foundation of enterprise management, and the most direct implementer and bearer of implementing the company-level strategic goals. The implementation of the company's philosophy requires the communication of the team leader. The team leader plays a vital role in saving energy, reducing consumption, improving quality and efficiency, and maximizing enterprise benefits.

Qi Laicheng put forward three requirements based on the current situation of the company's current team leader management: first, to make the training effective and to improve the leadership and execution of the team leaders participating in the training; second, to improve the comprehension of grass-roots managers and judgment, and can timely and accurately convey all kinds of information to team members; thirdly, through this training, the company's overall professional ethics and sense of responsibility can be improved.

Qi Laicheng re-emphasized the corporate culture concept of "entering the United Gate, you are a family", and hoped that everyone would treat their team members like their own brothers and sisters. At the same time, I hope that this training can play an encouraging, motivating, driving and guiding role for everyone, and set up a role model for the team leader, so that everyone can become a responsible, co-growing and innovative team leader!

This training is divided into two parts: internal training and external training. The internal training invites the relevant leaders of the company to guide and train everyone based on their own actual work, enriching everyone's theoretical knowledge and practical experience; the external training invites Shandong Huaxia cornerstone professional training team, will Through deliberate training in a planned, organized, methodical, and guaranteed way, through classroom learning and after-class transformation, and the combination of "learning in class" and "practice by doing", help enterprises to improve the comprehensive management ability of team leaders.


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