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Liu Jinhong gave a special party class for SINO-AGRI UNION party members and cadres

On the morning of August 16, Liu Jinhong, member of the party committee and deputy general manager of SINO-AGRI Group, gave the title of "Concentrate on Concentrating and Working Hard to Create a New Chapter". The 20th National Congress of the Party”, gave a vivid special party class to all party members of SINO-AGRI UNION.

Liu Jinhong conveyed the title of Comrade Han Liping, Secretary of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Council of Supply and Marketing Federation, entitled "Resolutely Support the "Two Establishments", resolutely achieve the "Two Maintenances", resolutely walk the first phalanx, and meet the party's efforts with practical actions. The spirit of the party class of the 20th National Congress was successfully held; it conveyed the special party class spirit of Su Zewen, the secretary of the party committee and chairman of the SINO-AGRI Group, entitled "I will make a contribution to the 20th National Congress".

Liu Jinhong put forward several requirements for all party members and cadres of SINO-AGRI UNION. He said that in order to achieve high-quality development and create a new situation for development, we must continue to strengthen the party's leadership and party building, continuously improve political positions, strengthen responsibility, and strengthen Solidly take the first phalanx, actively serve and actively integrate into the new development pattern of SINO-AGRI Group's agricultural service, and promote the development of the enterprise to a new level. Liu Jinhong emphasized four aspects:

The first is to talk about politics with a clear-cut stand, and with the party in mind, talk about loyalty. As an important part of the "two-wheel drive" in the pesticide sector, SINO-AGRI UNION must consciously think about problems and carry out work under the overall situation of the party and the country's "three rural" work. All party members and cadres continue to strengthen the "four consciousnesses", strengthen the "four self-confidences", and resolutely achieve the "two maintenances", unify their thoughts and actions to serve the agriculture, and play a key role in ensuring the supply of green agricultural materials. Play a pivotal role in agricultural socialization services, and contribute "joint forces" to better safeguard national food security and help rural revitalization.

The second is to strengthen the awareness of the overall situation, and it is the responsibility of the heart to increase motivation. All of our work should proceed from the overall situation of the country's "three rural" work, according to the positioning and requirements of the head office and SINO-AGRI Group for SINO-AGRI UNION, keep in mind the fundamental purpose of serving agriculture, focus on the main responsibility and main business, improve the system and mechanism, Expand the field of service, and strive to find a development path for agricultural services with joint characteristics. Party members and cadres must be ahead, set an example, and play an exemplary and leading role; they must have a sense of the overall situation, have a sense of responsibility, and be determined to forge ahead and innovate.

The third is to strengthen the awareness of hard work, and have the practical effect of enterprise creation in mind. The key to enterprise development lies in people and the core. According to the requirements of "SINO-AGRI Group's Work Plan for Improving Agricultural Socialization Service Level" and "SINO-AGRI Group's "14th Five-Year" Development Plan", SINO-AGRI UNION should have its own "construction drawings" and "roadmaps", clearly Time node and implementation path, improve the business model and operation model, strengthen strategic leadership, strengthen the confidence and determination to strengthen agricultural materials and provide services, play a key role in pesticide production and research and development, and play a backbone role in agricultural socialization services .

The fourth is to strengthen the awareness of discipline, and keep the rules in mind. Follow the rules, keep the bottom line, and do not touch the red line or cross the bottom line at any time in the work. The Party Committee of the Group has always maintained the main tone of strictness and unswervingly, and promoted the comprehensive and strict governance of the Party and the enterprise. The Group Disciplinary Committee has intensified the investigation of petitions and cases, carried out in-depth warning education, and strengthened the supervision and accountability of discipline enforcement, so as to stay on the road forever. The determination to comprehensively and strictly govern the party in depth. All party members and cadres must strictly abide by political discipline and political rules, strengthen their political awareness, discipline awareness and sense of responsibility, and constantly enhance their awareness of clean government and the legal system.

Xu Hui, Secretary of the General Party Branch and General Manager of SINO-AGRI UNION, said that in the future work, he should improve his political position, strengthen his responsibility, take the first phalanx of serving the farmers, and actively serve and actively integrate into SINO. -In the overall situation of the new development of agricultural services, AGRI Group truly "enters" the grass-roots level, "hearts to" the grass-roots level, learns by doing and learning, strives to be an expert in agricultural services, and gives back to the head office and the company with excellent results. The Group's values ​​and expectations for us.

The special party class was presided over by Xu Hui, secretary of the general party branch and general manager of SINO-AGRI UNION, and all party members of SINO-AGRI UNION participated in the special party class study.


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