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Award-winning article in the reading essay contest - reading the Analects

Reading the analects

  With the trend of Chinese studies,  I also bought some books to read, and bought a lot of pieces , but some books read a lot of meaning, and it is difficult to understand. Read and read is the reading of "Hundred Family Names", "Thousand Characters".  To this end, my wife still laughed at me and finally completed the enlightenment of Chinese studies. The year of feelings is coming, and the children are getting bigger and bigger. I always feel that I have nothing to teach my children, and I plan to learn from the educator, Confucius. So I read the Analects.

  There are twenty chapters in the Analects of Confucius. Among them , we are familiar with the"learning from time to time, and it is not fun". It is self-study and there are also "threesomes, there must be my teacher" "dead wood can not be carved" They are not in their position, and they are all from different chapters of the Analects. In the process of reading , I have learned a lot . Of course , the words of a family are not in the system . Let me share my experience with you .

  Learning: Confucius said: "It’s a good way to learn if you don’t think about it, but you don’t learn it.”  It’s just a simple study or passive acceptance of knowledge, you will be confused, no direction, and finally It is inevitable that you will not be dizzy. However, the eyes are low and the eyes are not right. Just thinking about the future, without action, it is just a dream, not a dream.

  Confucius said: "The three-person line must have my teacher." This is the attitude of learning. Only asking the farmer about farming is asking the workers to make the right thing. We must respect everyone in this society. There is a saying that "there is a sequence of words and a specialization of the profession. " A humble and curious heart is always the most basic source of progress.

  Dealing with : I admire a few words that are "to report complaints directly, to report morality with morality  ." "There is no surprise, no reason to add it without anger." This is a kind of freedom and frankness from the inside out. The declaration, because of the inner frankness, self-confidence, Thai is calm and tolerant.  But this tolerance has a scale, not a principleless humility. Looking back on all the past, we must thank those who help us, and we should also thank those who laugh at us because it helps us to warm. Mocking makes us stronger.

  Work: Confucius said: "Be ashamed of his words and go through his actions." "The power of being sensitive and cautious in words."  The power of action is always greater than the power of language. I think that Confucius is not only saying less, but about being careful. , based on the expression of opinions, can not speak for speaking. Language is a kind of power, but at work I feel that acting in the right direction is far better than a meaningless discussion.

  Educating children: Parents always think that children can be better than themselves, because they have gone through detours, always thinking that children should be less useful. Confucius said: "The gentleman does not have a device." It means that people are not controlled machines, but have their own independent personality and distinct personality. People should give full play to their potential talents, develop themselves in an all-round way, and be an independent and free person.

  Finally, I have to say "Benevolence" in The Analects. "Benevolence" is a kind of inner strength, an attitude, and a kind of expectation that treats the world gently. Since we can't be treated softly by this world, we can't have lights in the dark, and there are umbrellas in the rain. Let us treat the world gently. Be kind to others and respect the world.

  An "The Analects of Confucius" made me feel a lot. Many of the truths and spirits are also worth learning from in modern times. Reading The Analects does not have a sense of substitution like other novels, but it can calm people down and have a conversation with themselves. Those who describe the "gentlemen" are like narration. They know the gains and losses against their past. This kind of gain and loss is not ironic, no criticism, just a gentle explanation. If you have time, you may wish to read a book and read a book. Give yourself more room and space for imagination.

  Text / Taian Company Chen Wei


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