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The winning essay contest in the essay contest - learning to translate thinking

Learning to transform thinking

  Let learning become a fashion, become a habit, and become a driving force for work. It has become the consensus of all employees of the company to "establish a concept, raise a habit, and think about a demand." Today, there are many ways to learn, but reading is still the best way to learn . As the saying goes,  "There is a poem in the abdomen and self-satisfaction." Yes, the amount of reading required every day can make people's experience go up every day, and life is more fulfilling.  Reading is a necessary condition to ensure wide eyes , wide thinking, and wide chest. Gradually, in the inertia of reading, I inadvertently have a new understanding. Reading does not necessarily become a good employee,  but not reading can certainly not be a good employee.

  I have seen such an interesting metaphor: everyone is a book, parents are publishers, birthdays are publication time, and ID cards are book numbers. The old man is a history book, the military is a military book, the monk is a scripture, the multiple births are a series of books, the height and body fat is a big book, and the small and exquisite is a pocket book. Let the bad guys become banned books and let good people become bestsellers. The so-called live to the old, learn to be old. Knowledge is not exhaustive, and persistence in learning is always in an invincible position. For those who have already entered the job, we must learn frequently and constantly update our knowledge to face new situations and new problems in our work and life. However, due to work restrictions, we can't sit in the classroom as students do, but we can make full use of free time through books, not subject to space constraints, learn new things, expand new ideas, and improve work efficiency.

  Reading can allow us to look at the problem at a better height, so that we can make fewer mistakes and less detours. Read more, have a wide range of knowledge,  and think about the scope and factors when thinking about problems, and naturally there is depth. Reading is an indirect life. Because it is the author's life experience or sentiment. Knowledge is the foundation of ability, and thought is the forerunner of action. Therefore, thinking power determines execution. The level of one's thinking ability is determined by his height of thinking, depth of thinking, speed of thinking,  and breadth of thinking, and thus forms a system of thinking. Learn to observe. Learning to observe different people and things, from their action language and so on, to understand their characteristics,  there will be many discoveries and enlightenment. Have your own thinking. The ideas in the newspapers and in the books are only those of others, and they have to give their own opinions. Deep cultivation takes time,  which is a state of mind. Watch out for life, every detail around you can bring inspiration, which increases the depth of thinking. I want to improve my own thoughts. To put it bluntly,  this requires people's experience, reading more about thoughts and psychology, sociology books, and many celebrity biographies. This helps to improve the breadth of their thoughts.

  I personally agree with the phrase "the depth of thought and the height of life", but this kind of epiphany is not only possible to read books and TV programs, but also includes aspects of life experience, experience, and countless readings. The ancients often said that "the paper has to come to an end, and knows that this matter must be carried out. " Explain that if you want to achieve the ideological height, you still have to experience and think more in practice. In this era of information explosion, a lot of information is generated every day, but not every piece of  information  is valuable . The first thing to do with the flooded information is to identify whether the information has value or not, and the value is not to be seen. The key point is to see Value. As an employee of the company, what we have to do is to do what the customer thinks is valuable.

  The fundamental reason for not being able to think deeply is that there is less knowledge and insufficient knowledge accumulation. The way books and programs are acquired is the fastest. You can look at the successful ways of thinking in different fields, how they are doing things,  and how they think about themselves. I believe that there will be different gains. Every position is indispensable, and I play my own energy in ordinary positions. My daily work is responsible for data collection,  statistics , and summary work of production reports; responsible for material inventory and supervision at the end of the month, ensuring accuracy; responsible for all kinds of documents, such as summary and issuance ; timely understanding of workshop production,  especially needs When exporting products, it is necessary to communicate and coordinate with Jinan in time. In short, to do this well, not only must have strong learning ability, good working ability,  but also have good ability to innovate and self-discipline. Learn to use a comprehensive, developed, and connected perspective to see people see things,  improve dialectical thinking ability,  analytical ability, etc., and play a good role in promoting work.

  In a word , the book is the blood of human progress. Reading a good book is a necessary course for human beings . Only by reading a good book and reading a good book can it be possible to make progress and develop talents and make greater contributions to society.  Strong quality, the basic quality of people must be done, the quality of human beings comes from the history and culture of human progress, modern society requires high-quality talents,  so strong quality must be done. Promoting work,  work is the source of national progress , and is the embodiment of human life. Only by working hard can we make progress,  complete individual ideals,   improve the overall quality and spirit of the team,  and better promote the development of the company.

  Text / Weifang Company Ji Aizhen


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