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SINO-AGRI UNION holds 2022 working meeting

On February 8, SINO-AGRI UNION held the 2022 work conference and the 2021 annual summary and commendation meeting in the conference room on the fourth floor of Jinan company. Members of the company's leadership team, heads of various departments, technical backbones, representatives of advanced collectives, advanced individuals and outstanding employees attended the meeting. Deputy General Manager Qi Laicheng presided over the meeting.

General Manager Xu Hui made a work report titled "Tackling Difficulties in Accurate Directions, Overcoming Difficulties, and Starting a New Game". The report systematically reviewed the main work achievements of SINO-AGRI UNION in 2021, analyzed the existing problems, and carried out the key work in 2022. Schedule and deploy. He said that the past year has been a milestone year in the development of SINO-AGRI UNION. On April 6, 2021, SINO-AGRI UNION was officially listed on the main board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to improve its ability to serve agriculture and help rural revitalization; Continue to deepen the study and education of party history, strengthen party organization construction; pay close attention to safety management, achieve zero production accidents throughout the year, and steadily improve product quality; increase investment in scientific and technological research and development, optimize product structure, and promote enterprise innovation and development; Increase the market share of self-owned brands; formulate the 14th Five-Year Development Plan, strengthen the system operation; improve the organizational structure to ensure the smooth operation of the enterprise. These achievements are the result of the joint efforts and unremitting efforts of all employees.

The meeting commended 28 collectives and 122 individuals, and representatives of advanced individuals, outstanding employees, representatives of special awards, and representatives of advanced collectives made typical speeches. The meeting also commended other collectives and individuals who have been honored by Supply and Marketing Group, SINO-AGRI Group, industry sectors and local governments. The meeting expressed thanks to the employees who have been working hard throughout the year, congratulated the groups and individuals who have been commended, and hoped that the award-winning personnel will make persistent efforts and make new contributions to the development of the enterprise.

Deputy General Manager Qi Laicheng summed up the meeting. He said that in the past year, the company has achieved safe production, stable operation, and gradually standardized various basic management. In the work of 2022, all cadres and workers should continue to carry forward their advantages, give full play to their advantages, overcome difficulties, invigorate their spirits, work with one heart and one mind, forge ahead and work hard, and strive to complete various tasks throughout the year, so as to create greater glories for the future of SINO-AGRI UNION , make unremitting efforts to be a model in China's agrochemical field!

The leaders of Tai'an Company and Weifang Company, advanced representatives and some cadres and workers participated in the meeting by remote video.


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