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The fire brigade of Shandong United Pesticide Industry Co., Ltd. won the first place in the fire fighting group of Tai'an City

From October 28th to 29th, the city's fire rescue team's 2021 annual duty training brigade-level confrontation and various forms of fire competition, hosted by the Tai'an Fire Rescue Detachment, were held at the Second Station of Special Service, Manzhuang Town, Daiyue District, Tai'an City. . There are 48 members from 8 teams of enterprise fire brigades from all counties and cities in Tai'an City and 48 members from 8 teams of micro fire stations. A total of 96 members participated in the competition.

The Tai'an Fire Brigade dispatched 6 firefighters, Li Chao, Wang Dawei, Yang Zhenning, Hou Jintao, Xu Zheng, and Wang Peiyang to participate in the competition on behalf of Daiyue District. In the three subjects, they performed well. Among them, Li Chao, Yang Zhenning, Hou Jintao, and Wang Cuihua participated in the 400-meter rescue and evacuation material relay race and won the first place. Xu Zheng and Wang Dawei won the second and third respectively in the 3000-meter race. Name, Wang Peiyang and Li Chao won the third and fourth place in the one-man 3-pan water hose connection exercise; in the end, the fire brigade of Tai'an Company won the team championship with an overwhelming total score, and won the honor for Daiyue District and the company. It was highly appreciated by the leaders of Shandong Fire Rescue Corps and Tai'an Fire Rescue Detachment.

In recent years, Tai'an Company has actively responded to the spirit and requirements of the government's instructions and requirements on fire protection work, attached importance to fire safety management, continuously increased investment in fire protection, learned advanced management concepts, strengthened daily combat readiness training for full-time and part-time firefighters, and held regular fire emergency drills. and competition. Since 2017, it has won many successes in various fire emergency competitions held in Tai'an City: it has successively won the first place in Tai'an City's 2017 Enterprise Full-time Fire Brigade Competition Group, and the second in Tai'an City's 2017 First Micro Fire Station Competition Group. The first prize, the first place in the 2020 Tai'an 3rd Safety Production Emergency Rescue Skills Competition...

At the beginning of November, the fire brigade of Tai'an company will go to Tengzhou on behalf of the Tai'an Emergency Bureau to participate in the "Second Shandong Province Hazardous Chemicals Rescue Technology Competition". I wish the brave and fearless, tenacious and hard-working young men who dare to be the first and never give up to achieve great results!


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