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The 2019 Working Conference of Shandong Sino-Agricultural Union was held smoothly

On January 26, the joint work conference of shandong sino-agri united biotechnology  in 2019 was held in tai 'an. The meeting comprehensively reviewed and summarized the major work of the company in 2018, and arranged and deployed the key work tasks in 2019. Wang chunlin, vice secretary of CPC central committee, President of CPC central committee and chairman of CPC central committee, li xianbin, chairman of supervisory board, li zhonghua, vice President and secretary general of China association of pesticide industry and other leaders, partners and guests of CPC central committee attended the meeting.
     According to the meeting arrangement, xu hui, general manager of the company, made a work report entitled "innovation-driven development, service makes future". The report pointed out that in 2018, under the test of pesticide industry policies and the severe situation of environmental protection, the team should exert its collective strength to promote the company's work and better complete the tasks and indicators assigned by the group. Increase investment in environmental protection, improve environmental quality, implement the main responsibility of safety production, strengthen safety management; Improve the management system, pay special attention to the internal control system construction, strengthen the risk awareness, promote the healthy development of enterprises; The report gives the 2019 production and operation target and the main work plan.
     The conference commended 2 best newcomers, 88 advanced workers, 35 excellent employees, 7 advanced teams and 9 advanced collectives, as well as 7 special awards. The leaders present presented the winners with trophies and certificates of honor.
      President wang chunlin made an important speech at the end. He fully recognized the business achievements of shandong zhongnong united in 2018 and thanked all the staff for their hard work. This paper puts forward four requirements for the New Year's work of sino-peasant joint venture: first, give full play to the advantages of the team and the collective strength, give full play to the synergistic effect, and push forward the work of the company; Second, focus on the annual goals to ensure the quality and quantity of each task on time to complete smoothly; Third, further improve the basic management system, pay special attention to the construction of internal control system, adhere to the bottom line, strengthen risk awareness, improve the prevention and control mechanism, improve the ability of prevention and control. Fourth, actively practice social responsibility care, lead the agrochemical industry to fulfill high QHSE standards, and promote high-quality development.
    Members of the company's management team, major principals of each subsidiary, award-winning teams and employees, as well as all employees of the company's headquarters attended the meeting.


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